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and you don't seem the lying kind...

...it's a shame that I can read your mind

Uvula of Mass Destruction
25 January 1981
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I have moved, and this journal is no longer active!
absurdism, absurdity, agnosticism, alan rickman, alcohol, alienation, anime, anomie, anti-marriage protection week, astro city, athiesm, barenaked ladies, beethoven, bitterness, black humor, blindness, bloom county, bondage, border collies, brandy alexanders, candide, christopher moore, coldplay, college, cowboy bebop, crash, dancing, dave matthews band, dawn, depression, disaffection, discordia, discordianism, disillusionment, disney movies, dogs, donnie darko, douglas adams, dr. cox, ed norton, ennui, european history, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, femslash, fight club, fred and george weasley, french, futurama, german history, ghosts, ginny/lucius, gred and forge, grief, harry potter, haunted, het, holocaust studies, hp fandom, independent films, indian food, insults, inuyasha, irony, joseph heller, judaism, kabballah, kagome, kirsten bakis, kurt vonnegut, kurt/ororo, lucifer, lucius malfoy, lucius/ginny, manga, miroku, moliere, money, monster dogs, morning, morningstar, mst3k, music, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, nanowrimo, new orleans, new york, new york city, nietzsche, nightcrawler, nihilism, nimbus_attendee, nyc, ok computer, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, pachelbel's canon, placebo, poe, principia discordia, radiohead, reading, remus lupin, rurouni kenshin, sango, sarcasm, satire, scotland, scrubs, sealab 2021, sesshoumaru, severus snape, singing, slash, sleep, smash brothers, smetana, snape, snape/hermione, sociology, socrates, space ghost, straight man, terry pratchett, the boondock saints, the boondocks, the confessor, the daily show, the dave matthews band, the moldau, the old soldier, the simpsons, the todd, the tonio, thomas friedman, tom hanks, tom holt, tonio, voltaire, walter m. miller jr., weasleycest, werewolves, wolf's rain, wolves, writing, wwii, x-men